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Dinova expands to $6B in business dining influence
Atlanta, GA - Dinova LLC, the inno- vative, proprietary marketplace exclu- sively focused on connecting expense account diners to quality restaurants nationwide, announced that it has sur- passed $6 billion in business dining spend influence. Dinova's marketplace increased steadily in 2016, which has re- sulted in this huge milestone for the company at the onset of 2017. Like other successful internet marketplaces, such as Airbnb and Uber, Dinova is quickly penetrating this burgeoning market and is progressing into a suc- cessful mid-size growth company.
"I am ecstatic that we are able to start 2017 with such an incredible announce- ment," said Vic Macchio, CEO and founder of Dinova. "As we continue to forge ahead and add more restaurants and top corporations around the coun- try, we continue to provide a unique marketplace that is only available by joining Dinova."
Oswald Morgan – Owner of Kozmo Gastro Pub in Georgia: “Dinova has in-
crementally grown our business 10-15% year over year.”
“I would highly recommend Dinova. This program does work.”
Some might consider opening an urban concept restaurant in the sub- urbs a risky move. But through Dinova, Oswald Morgan and Karen Harper co-owners of Kozmo Gastro Pub, found a stabilizing source of de- sirable business diners. "We opened Kozmo Gastro Pub back in 2008," re- flects Harper. "We actually opened in the height of the recession."
Morgan and Harper's original con- cept was to create a high energy, urban experience diners would more typically find downtown - in the suburbs.
"We created this minimalistic urban style eatery with great kinetic energy out in the suburbs,” Harper says. “Word spread, and soon the Pub was drawing a sophisticated clientele in search of ‘downtown’ style cuisine.”
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Norovirus: What impact does it have on a restaurant?
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there are more than 250 different types of foodborne illnesses. Yet, norovirus is among the most common. In fact, norovirus is re- sponsible for over 50 percent of food- borne illnesses in the United States.
“Norovirus is the most common cause of foodborne illness, and unfortu- nately for the foodservice industry, when we see foodborne outbreaks of norovirus they are most often traced back to a restaurant,” according to NOROCore’s Lee-Ann Jaykus, Ph.D., and Elizabeth Bradshaw, DVM. “This virus can be spread quickly and invisibly through a facility and, when outbreaks occur, they can result in loss of revenue and consumer trust in addition to humanillness.Forallofthesereasons,it is crucial for restaurants to take an active role and have the proper food safety procedures in place to prevent norovirus outbreaks from happening.”
Providing insight into building a strong food safety program that takes norovirus into consideration is the focus of the whitepaper, “The Importance of Norovirus: Why You Should Have a Good Food Safety Program,” which is co-au- thored by Jaykus, Bradshaw and GOJO Microbiologist Dave Shumaker. This paper takes a closer look at norovirus and the preventive measures, including hand hygiene and surface sanitization, a restaurant can take to help reduce the spread of this foodborne illness.
“The practice of good hand hygiene is one of the most important measures we can all take to reduce the spread of germs that can cause illness,” added Shumaker. “This is especially true in a foodservice environment, where norovirus is often brought into a restau- rant by an infected worker, and in most cases, the virus is spread because this individual has touched ready-to-eat foods, such as food in a salad bar. Foodservice workers need to be vigilant in practicing good hand hygiene, and foodservice managers and operators need to provide proper and frequent food safety and hand hygiene educa- tion in order to help ensure the food they are serving is safe.”
You can download this Whitepaper - “The Importance of Norovirus: Why You Should Have a Good Food Safety Program” at the following hyperlink

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