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Chef Alan Mark Lazar gains lifetime recognition as a Certified Culinary Educator from the ACF
Chef Alan Mark Lazar
Chef Alan Mark Lazar has been a Culinary Instructor at the Johnson & Wales University, North Miami campus since 1994. He joined the American Culinary Federation (ACF) in 1997 and obtain his Certified Culinary Educator (CCE) in 2002. He recently recertified and earned his Lifetime Certification in 2016. He was the first Chef who earned an Approved Culinary Certification (ACE) on the North Miami campus. This certifica- tion performs evaluations on the skills and knowledge of culinary professionals.
The Chef earns a recognized Industry certification.
Chef Lazar- originally from Brooklyn, NewYork and the Catskill Mountains- has been a South Florida Resident since 1975. He has worked in many prestigious prop- erties such as Pro-Player stadium, American Airlines Arena and Marriott Harbor Beach Hotel, He has extensively traveled around the world and has worked many levels of the food Industry.
In 2003, Chef Lazar earned the ACF Greater Miami Chapter, Chef of the Year
– 2003 Faculty Vollrath Award winner and Hospitality Chair for the 2002 ACF Southeast Regional Conference on board the Royal Caribbean ship, Sovereign of the Seas. One of the most successful events in the ACF history.
In Certification (ACE) on the North Miami campus. This certification per- forms evaluations on the skills and knowledge of culinary professionals. The Chef earns a recognized Industry certifi- cation.
In his career, he has taught many local, national and international chefs who have become very successful in the food industry. He has participated in nu- merous events, seminars and confer- ences in his career. In February he will be a presenter at the ACF Chef Connect in New York City speaking about the Beef industry. He has worked in many areas of the food industry such as restaurant de- velopment, product formulation and food safety certification.
The American Culinary Federation is the largest organization of Professional
Chefs in the United States and is a mem- ber of the World Association of Chefs. It provides education, certified culinary competitions and job opportunities for the professionals in the industry.
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Although small amounts of stress can sharpen your performance, exces- sive stress can take a toll on the body. Research shows that high levels of stress over a prolonged period of time can contribute to a number of health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.
The red team, not being able to streamline the work as much, also wasted time and energy taking around 2,000 more steps per chef than the blue team -- contributing to a less-relaxed working day. Yet, despite the extra energy spent and elevated heart rate of the red team, guests ranked the food presented by the teams as equally delicious.
"Being part of this experiment gave me a new perspective on my everyday life as a chef. I find myself questioning old norms and I know I'm not alone. If we want cooking to be truly sustainable, we have to start challenging the perception that neg-
ative stress is necessary to create great tasting food. We will all benefit from it, because in the end I believe that happy chefs create better food," says Chef Philip Lloyd, chef from the blue team, Culinary Instructor at The Art Institute of Charlotte and owner of Certified Chef's Cuisine.
About the stress survey and social experiment
The survey was conducted by a business intelligence agency on behalf of Electrolux be- tween May 26th and June 2nd 2016. The target group for the survey included chefs and culi- nary professionals aged 18-65+ in the US. In total 208 chefs answered the survey. The social experiment was conducted in June 2016.
About Electrolux Professional
Electrolux Professional, part of the Electrolux Group – sional - offers food service and laundry solu- tions for professional users. Our smart products and worldwide service network make customers' work life easier and more prof- itable. With eight manufacturing plants and 10,000 service technicians in over 140 coun- tries, we conduct our business in a sustainable way. In 2016, Electrolux Professional had global sales of SEK 6,8 bn and 2,700 employees.
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