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2017 forecast:
Steakhouses beef up menus with new twists on American classics
Analysis: Catering industry revenues on
the rise
“Big Data” — Does your restaurant need it?
Rise Bisquits Donuts to open in Coral Springs
Del Taco spices up expansion in the Southeast
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Rockville, MD - When it comes to American cuisine, there are few things more iconic than steakhouses. The slabs of marbled meat, the sizzling grills, the oozing butter, and the drip- ping bravado, maybe even a cowboy hat or two for ambiance—it's enough to make even fictional steakophile Ron Swanson misty-eyed.
Yet for all the traditional steak din- ners ordered daily, there are restaurants nationwide pushing the concept of the all-American steakhouse to new culi- nary heights, according to market re- search firm Packaged Facts in the brand new report 2017 Forecast: Culinary Trend Tracking Series.
"The steakhouse is back and will capture our attention in 2017. Not that the classic restaurant style ever disap- peared, but a renewal of the model is taking place in response to new sources of beef and new flavorful expressions of the concept that get chefs and diners excited," says David Sprinkle, re- search director, Packaged Facts.
Today's steakhouse menus increas- ingly feature grass-fed cattle, locally raised animals, heritage varieties, meat butchered and dry aged in-house, and dishes that stem from the whole ani- mal, not just the premium cuts. And that's just the meat. Creative side dishes in lieu of old standards, global and seasonal flavors, and a wider menu selection also distinguish these new school operations.
Chefs and consumers both want their meat to taste delicious and to feel good about its’ consumption, too. This new breed of steakhouse broadcasts its mission to support local ranchers, fac- tor in sustainability and animal welfare, and create a dining experience that showcases culinary flair, not just a grill master's skill at cooking steak to the re- quested doneness. These operations are also designed to be more inclusive, more of a great place for all kinds of people to dine well, not just tradition- minded men on expense accounts.
As a result, the modern steakhouse is increasingly similar to other modern restaurants with a focus on distinctive
and sustainable sourcing, local and seasonal produce, and global flavors and forms, all done within the steak- house format showcasing cuts of meat as entrées with a choice of sides. Moreover, new menu categories (such as flatbreads) and service elements freshen the concept.
About the Report
2017 Forecast: Culinary Trend Tracking Series offers an outlook on the culinary trends—the foods, dishes, ingre- dients and flavors—that Packaged Facts expects to grow in popularity in 2017.
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Jollibee's U.S. expansion continues with first Florida location opening
Jacksonville, FL - After much antic- ipation and excitement, Jollibee, the largest Asian restaurant company, is now open in Jacksonville. This is the 36th store in the US, as well as
the first in the state and Southeast US. It opened
to the public on
March 18, 2017.
is the most populous city in
the Sunshine State, as well as home to the largest Filipino- American community in Florida. The long- awaited arrival of Jollibee in the city has
been the talk of the town since 2016. With the opening, Floridians will get to try Jollibee's signature menu items such as the world famous Chickenjoy. This dish is delicately breaded to be crispylicious on the outside and juicylicious inside. The well-loved Jolly Spaghetti is a favorite of both kids and kids-at-heart because of its signature sweet- style sauce, loaded with chunky slices of savory ham, ground meat, and hotdog. Other classic menu fa- vorites include the juicy and cheesy Jolly Hotdog, and the Peach Mango Pie, which is made with real Philippine sweet man- goes and a flaky golden
"As Jollibee debuts in Florida, we anticipate seeing not only a multi- tude of excited Jollibee patrons wait- ing to get their hands on their Jollibee favorites, but also first-timers waiting to have their own Jollibee experi- ence," said Jose Miñana, Jollibee Foods Corporation's Group President for North America. "There's no greater joy for us than serving the needs and tastes of Jollibee fans in the community. At Jollibee, we aim to bring families together for happy moments over great tasting food with superior value, served with warm and friendly service – our own brand of joy."
The brand has become a symbol of nostalgia and warm childhood mem- ories for many overseas Filipinos in the U.S. To many, Jollibee is the go-to restaurant of Filipinos for both special
brown crust.
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