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New Electrolux Pro experiment proves chefs don’t need stress
Chef Alan Lazar earns Lifetime Recognition
First Florida PizzaRev to debut in Coral Gables
HIMI products highlighted at NAFEM Show
Fort Lauderdale Pizza Festival set to take place in April
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Pordenone, Italy - Negative stress has become an accepted norm in pro- fessional kitchens, and numbers show that the industry suffers as a result. To test if stress is really indispensable to chefs, Electrolux Professional carried out a social experiment with two teams of chefs preparing the same menu but with different equipment and stress levels. In the end, guests ranked the teams' food as equally de- licious – proving that stress isn't a nec- essary ingredient to create great tasting food.
There has never been a more exciting time to be a chef. With the rise of foodie culture, restaurant-goers have become more adventurous than ever. According to the National Restaurant Association, 66 percent eat a wider variety of ethnic cuisines now than they did five years ago.
With a more sophisticated audi- ence comes added pressure on chefs to continuously invent and deliver. auded chefs who praise their eccentric life in the kitchen tend to reinforce rather than challenge the growing cul- ture of negative stress.
Numbers confirm that the indus- try suffers as a result. Electrolux Professional recently assigned a busi- ness intelligence agency to conduct a survey among chefs and culinary pro- fessionals in the U.S. The results show that 79 percent experience negative stress at work at least once a week,
making them feel irritable, distracted and anxious. Almost half (44 percent) state that they have been on sick leave due to stress symptoms, and 55 per- cent have used or considered using prescription drugs to calm down after a stressful day at work.
"We live in a time when people care more about the story and process be- hind the food on our plates. But there's a missing link in the farm to table movement -- chefs. We believe that great food can be created through a happier, healthier work-life in the kitchen, and that's why we wanted to test if negative stress really is indispen- sable," says Corey Siegel, Electrolux Professional Corporate Executive Chef for North America.
The Experiment
Electrolux Professional carried out a social experiment with two teams of chefs – one red and one blue. They wore heart rate monitor watches and were in- structed to prepare the same menu con- sisting of four dishes, using different equipment. To provoke negative stress, the red team was instructed to prepare their dishes with only the standard ap- pliances for professional kitchens.
The blue team worked with the help of Electrolux Cook & Chill, a system that can help combat common sources of stress in the kitchen. The air-o-steam Touchline combi oven and air-o-chill blast chiller help ensure consistent food quality, streamline team workflow and let chefs save time on mundane tasks like continuously checking the oven, so they can get creative and invest their time in perfecting new dishes instead.
Data showed that chefs in the red team were more stressed. Compared to the blue team, they spent more than twice as much time close to their max- imum heart rate – 151 minutes versus 72 minutes for the chefs in the blue team. Chefs in the red team were thus forced to work at a high pace through- out the experiment because of their working conditions, whereas the blue team could afford to take a less stress- ful approach.
Franklin Street secures first Jacksonville location for Grabbagreen
Jacksonville, FL – Franklin Street, the exclusive tenant representative for Grabbagreen in North Florida, an- nounced it has secured the first loca- tion for the franchise in the Jacksonville area. The first location of Grabbagreen is scheduled to open at Brooklyn Station in spring of 2017. Grabbagreen has signed a five-year lease for a 2,000 square foot location at 90 Riverside Ave, Suite 603 in the popular Brooklyn Station center, home to Fresh Market. The location is adjacent to Burrito Gallery.
The local Grabbagreen is owned by Randy Jeppesen. Jeppesen has owned and operated many success- ful businesses after a career at Andersen Consulting 15 years ago. Jeppesen is planning additional lo- cations in the Town Center and Jacksonville Beach.
“I’m proud to bring the Grabbagreen lifestyle to Jacksonville and Riverside,” said Jeppesen. “I be- lieve in the offerings and business
model and we think this market has an unmet need in this kind of grab-and-go healthy alternative to typical fast food.”
“Anytime we have a new concept entering the market, we need to be very selective in the site selection process, and work closely with the op-
erator, to ensure the first location hits all cylinders,” said Carrie Smith, managing director of retail leasing at Franklin Street’s Jacksonville of- fice. “Grabbagreen will open at

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